Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For you internet nerds out there...

Moira's websites got hacked by some Malaysian dweeb, and has been causing no end of misery for hundreds of other innocent people.  It's taken her pretty well a week to recover, and her attitude has been positive all along... "Time for a change anyways" she says.  Great attitude I say... but I still have a major dislike for the little pencil-neck looser who takes pride in destroying other people's hard work.

So, our ISP at the time - "Host Papa" - claimed no responsibility for being vulnerable in the first place... we're not exactly sure what exploit he used to get in, but for sure it wasn't Moira's fault.  So, we both decided to pull anchor and find another ISP who is keeping up with security updates, and has a support department worthy of the hard-earned money we spend on such services.

In comes A2webhosting.

They've been great, and the transition to them would have been easy if not for the inexperienced and incompetent support at Host Papa. Granted, it was a holiday weekend, when the senior help was likely at home eating chocolate bunnies with their kids, but still... they caused more problems than they solved,  deleting the account that *wasn't* hacked, and causing as much work as the original hacker.

Like Moira, I also witnessed mistakes made by them that caused more delays than necessary - all the while, A2 Webhosting bent over backwards to help us.  In the end, we're both back up and running - and yes, it was a cleansing experience we both used to rid our various web sites of those cobwebs that build up over time... it's easy to be a pack-rat, right?

So the long and the short of it is: caveat emptor. Look before you leap when it comes to selecting an ISP for your business. A2webhosting have been stellar so far...


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