Sunday, March 3, 2019

This "Gender fluid" debate is really getting long in the tooth...

This will be my shortest blog ever.  I promise.  Here goes:

The latest debaters about sex and biology want us to say:  Fuck proven science. Fuck evidence. Fuck biology. Fuck common sense. Fuck generational wisdom.

So, let's all worship at the altar of political correctness, sacrificing everything we've ever learned for the purpose of coddling the sensibilities of helicopter-parented snowflake ideologues who know nothing of real human suffering, yet gain the political clout to legally compel speech.  (Bill C-16)

Shame on us as a society that lets that happen.  Other societies (read: empires) fall just around the time these issues become big.  We're on our way out people. Do your studies...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Me Too: I’m just as upset as you are.

So, the #metoo movement gave women a voice to say “Enough!” to the culture of male sexual abuse and dominance.  Awesome. But per usual, such a strong pop culture phenomena attracts a pendulum swing in the other direction, unbalancing what the original message was supposed to be.  So now, just asking a girl out for a date, or complimenting her perfume choice can be deemed sexual harassment, for the only reason that it made her feel uncomfortable.  False accusations are soaring... not that this is new in this age of litigation-happy idiots, but it’s now underscored by #Metoo.

Take a pill girls.  Get a life.  In case you didn’t read the memo, quite a number of prominent women have told you just that: please don’t over-react and use this new fad to elevate your influence on well-meaning, but perhaps misdirected men.  Quote: "Rape is a crime, but insistent or clumsy flirting is not an offense, nor is gallantry macho aggression." says a collective of women, led by famous actress Catherine Deneuve. Most of us guys are klutzes when it comes to understanding you, so please go easy.  Google it, and you’ll find current surveys quoting women to say they are concerned this new movement makes men reluctant to work with them.  No shit.  In a white collar world where I was constantly sexually harassed and proposed to by women, having this new tool to use against men is simply too intimidating.  Glad I’m retired...

And, these feminazi extremist slut-walkers who do their annual parades, saying that we can’t look at them cuz if we do, we’re perverts, is way over the top. “I can dress however I want!”  Um, okay...  Similarly, an accusation of sexual harassment carries with it an immediate assumption of guilt, which has ruined many a man’s life. That’s just fucked. Seriously, this doesn’t promote women’s rights.  If anything, it will cause the pendulum to swing in the other direction, though I’m at a loss to visualise how that would flesh out in pop culture.

Once again, the #Metoo movement has done amazingly well at curbing wrong behaviour, and holding sexual predators accountable for their actions... something had to be done, and for the most part, it’s done a good job... and it needs to continue.  But something’s gone wrong.  Us men are now bloody paranoid and clueless how to relate to you without threat of a fucking lawsuit.  Get a grip girls, before this comes back around to whack you in the ass. And not by any man’s hand...  It’s called backlash.  

Me and other decent men are astounded at the imbalance this movement has caused. If anything, it has corralled us into a new kind of men’s-only club, fearful of having our reputation marred by some woman’s hyper-sensitive version of sexual sensibilities. No wonder Gillette’s new video ad has drawn such criticism.