Sunday, November 19, 2017

Let's expose all the creeps.

With all the accusations of late about sexual harrasment by people in positions of power and authority, I'm surprised at the lack of stories coming from churches and bible colleges.  From first hand experience, I've known directly of the following stories.  Not all stories are about abuse, but the hypocrisy is astounding.  Read on...

- A pastor fucking a 17 year parishoner.  He had an addiction to porn, which the church board knew about, but kept to themselves.  The church was called "Capital View Community Church"; they owned an office building in Bells Corners, Ottawa. Circa 1989.  After the shit hit the proverbial fan, the pastor packed up and moved his family back to his home town somewhere in the states.

- A janitor fucking his daughter who then squealed on him... got sent to prison for a month.  Location: Breircrest Bible College, Caronport Saskatchewan, circa 1991.

- Another janitor stealing student's leather jackets and selling them to Moose Jaw pawn shops.  Location: Breircrest Bible College, Caronport Saskatchewan, circa 1991.

- The CFO of Briercrest Bible College fucks his secretary, and leaves his wife and kids to marry her.  First name Cliff; can't remember his last name.  Circa 1992.

- The husband of the secretary mentioned above fucks HIS admin assistant, and they also marry. A foursome made in heaven!

- A computer systems admin (Ben) framed a part time helper (my ex wife) with computer fraud, which I disproved.

- A bible college instructor (first name Peter, same time frame as above) admits to me his addiction to porn, and his sexual attraction to his young  daughters.

- While I attended a church in Calgary, I moved in with my girlfriend (now my wife), and was asked by the music director to stop playing guitar on Sundays because I was a bad role model.  We actually got married in that church, and a few weeks later, it's revealed that all this time she was having an affair behind her husband's back.  This was at the Free Methodist church, circa 1995.

Lovely, eh?