Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cheap Pig Parts

Did a bit of shopping last week, and saw how crazy cheap pork is right now... I bought a tenderloin for around 7 bucks, and I'll be getting about 6 meals out of it. Compare that to a AAA beef sirloin or t-bone steak at around 6 dollars for *one* meal, and it got me thinking that I'll be barbecuing more pork than beef this summer!

Here's how I prep mine for the barby:

First, I cut the long tenderloin into 6 ounce steaks then vacuum sealed them for freezing. I got 6 or 7 out of one chunk, so I was pretty happy about that! I marinade them for about an hour in: 2 tbsp of oil, 1 tsp of Tamari sauce or soy sauce, and a couple dashes of liquid smoke.  Play with the ratios according to your own taste.

Mix with a whisk, and soak the meat in it for at LEAST an hour or more in the fridge, turning every 1/2 hour... the ingredients tend to separate a bit over time. To get the marinade REALLY into the meat, I'll sometimes pierce the meat with a fork a few dozen times before putting it in the fridge.

Like beef, don't over cook it on the grill. Personally, I go for an internal temperature of about 150 to 160 C.  I keep a quick-read meat thermometer close at hand when grilling - best thing I ever bought for cooking meat.

To enhance the flavour, I usually have some steak sauce handy.  Not just any steak sauce - I make my own out of Jim Beam Black, a bourbon that has a dark smokey taste. I'll post the recipe...  It's really yummy! But - don't put it on the meat while cooking it - you'll caramelize the sugars and risk burning the pork. Steak sauces are for the plate, not the grill...


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