Monday, September 28, 2020

"Buy Local" - some irony about that...

 The "buy local" philosophy is, on the surface, a noble thing to promote. Why support imported products when we can fill the pockets of those within a 50 or 100 kilometer radius, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of shipping goods from hither and yon. Globalism draws resources away from our local spheres of influence, economic independence, and local pride.

Additionally, produce and meats from other countries (apparently) do not have to pass the same stringent health standards such as hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide content as us Canadians do. Another consideration next time you don't see a Canadian source cited on that carton of milk or beef tenderloin at Costco.

Here's the rub. Some of the locals that tout "buy local" spend their winter months in Mexico, Barbados, Cuba, Europe, you name it. *Cough*... excuse me, but all that money spent in those foreign locations on restaurants, accomodations, entertainment, etc. is done so with our money that supported their "buy local" mantra. 

If the irony doesn't slap you in the face, read this again...

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