Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, here I am again... 3 years later.

I forgot all about this blog... and with a slightly more holistic approach to my commercial photography, I'll be posting not only photo-based news (which doesn't happen all that often anyways), but also other things that catch my interest, and yours as well hopefully.  For health reasons I won't get into right now, I'm a little more house-bound than I used to be, though I won't let THAT stop me when something important comes up.  Like driving into Renfrew to get beer.

Anywho, perhaps this blog will encourage me to share a bit more, and have something a bit more permanent than silly Facebook posts...

With that in mind, here's some new pics I've added to my 2 websites:

I even printed off a whack of personal pics for my family photo album, something I do every couple of years. In this digital world, it seems to me that photographs are less than permanent.  Once they're share in social media, or viewed off your smart phone, there's little incentive to keep them around.  I'm kinda old-school I supposed. Goes with being 56 years old...

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